The Belgium Company

Custom Designed Butter Figurines and A Unique Wide Variety of Nuts; The Belgium Company offers the perfect culinary specialties to butter-up your guests. With more than thirty two years of experience with custom-designed butter logos and figurines, we meet the needs of our clients by dedicating an exceptional amount of time and attention to the creamy details that grace your tabletops. If you’d like an easy way to add an instant burst of unique flavor to a classic dish such as steak, grilled fish, chicken or vegetable dish, then try one of our flavored butter blends. Both Savory & Sweet, our butters give your center of the plate or side dish a unique and luscious, velvety feel by im-parting a rich, creamy taste that will linger on till the next bite. Whether you’re the culinary expert or eager beginner, our products will allow you a convenient an affordable way to create a masterpiece.