MIC Foods

Our mission is to be the solution provider of frozen, value-added tropical products for the foodservice industry. It all started with the humble plantain from the same family as the “dessert” banana we all know from our brown bag lunches. Plantains are a nutritious staple food in many tropical regions of the world, so it’s only natural that increased immigration from those regions has brought the plantain and other tropical foods into a fusion of mainstream cuisines everywhere. Celebrity TV chefs have helped popularize plantains with recipes packed with Latin-Caribbean flavors as have major food companies that are using them in popular frozen dinner entrees. MIC Food products are harvested at their peak of goodness and quick frozen to preserve their freshness, so all may enjoy made-from-scratch flavor. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of MIC Food, plantain imports have grown many fold. Along with yuca, boniato, pineapple and other tropical ingredients in the frozen ready-to-use MIC Food product line, the flavor of paradise can be savored anywhere in the world.